Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching

$60.00 per 60 minute session; available in person, by phone, or Zoom

In today’s hectic world, it is becoming increasingly evident that the key to unlocking the life you were destined to live begins with clarity and purpose. It can feel, however, like there are a multitude of questions but scarcely any answers. This is the reason why people worldwide are turning to life coaches to help them find their clarity and purpose. A coaching session helps provide insight and guidance for the next steps in various areas of your life. When you’re too close to see things clearly, it can be difficult to identify the path to follow. As a life coach, my goal is to help you find that path from an objective perspective.

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What to Expect

As an “intuitive” life coach, I can also help you connect on a spiritual level to provide clarity, wisdom, and peace on this next phase of your journey. You did not come into this world alone. You came with a team of spiritual support that never leaves you . . . ever! Together we can access this amazing support to help provide the clarity and direction that you are seeking!

I treasure the time with every client and honor the journey that you are experiencing. Believe me, when I say I know your pain. I feel that stress within your heart and I sense your unease and emotional confusion. I have felt your self-doubts and heard the anxiety of your ‘out of balance’ soul.

I look forward to meeting you and providing support as you tap into the clarity and purpose that leads to your most fulfilled life.

Meet Cindy, Life Coach

Believe me, when I say I know of your pain. I feel that stress within your heart. I sense your unease and emotional suppression. I have touched upon your self-doubts, recognized your guilt, and heard the scream of your ‘out of balance’ soul.  I respect you and your space. I hold space for your personal development, and embrace all that you carry, as I gently, soulfully, ease you out of tension, supporting you into release, and inspire you to not only recognize your dreams but to live your true soul purpose.   Teaching you how to listen to your soul and act with courage and confidence in your small steps forward into living a richer, more fulfilled life.

I do not judge. I accept you for who you are and what you have become and how you emerge from the cocoon of darkness into the expression of freedom, joy and self -love that you owe to yourself as well as determining what love to receive in honouring your self-worth, so your energy is highly vibrational, rebuffing all ailments with your body in full balance and flow. I help you to understand how your life is definitely a course that you yourself determine, by responding in a more mindful fashion as you trust your inner compass to guide you along your life path.   

The range of issues we all carry, or have carried, are vast and varied.  I have been through a zillion it would seem, of experiences myself.   Each experience has empowered me into new discovery of how my soul evolves in this life, to it’s fullest potential. 

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